About RC&A

Founded in 1990 by owner and president Richard Crouse, RC&A is a professional aerial photographic services company with an excellent track record of quality work for mapping and engineering firms and for government clients.

Our capabilities include the Applanix Pos AV inertial and positioning system for direct georeferencing of airborne sensor data, Track'air flight management, airborne GPS with Javad GPS/Glonass dual frequency receivers, and digital post-processing and scanning.

RC&A's aircraft are well suited as platforms for collection systems such as multi or hyperspectral imagers, laser ranging systems, thermal sensors, etc. The aircraft are equipped with gyro-stabilized mounts, differential GPS signals, and GPS camera control systems.

We also offer helicopter-based services.

We operate from 4 strategically located offices with full flight capability: Frederick, Maryland, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Old Town, Maine, and Kansas City, Kansas.

This network provides shorter flight distances to project sites, allowing us to respond quickly and flexibly to weather conditions and client requirements.

For uniform quality control, we perform all photographic processing and printing at our Frederick, Maryland office.

Our Maryland Facility

Our Frederick, Maryland flight facility is a custom-designed, 10,800 sq. ft. building featuring space for 5 aircraft and our aerial photolab as well as flight planning and office areas.

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