Aerial Photo Lab Services

Our Maryland lab facility features complete black & white contact printing service from original film processing to final photo prints or digital scans. Special care and attention throughout the operation have helped us earn our reputation for quality reproduction. Here's a look at the process:

Film Processing

We utilize a Kodak 1140 equipped with the latest roller bearing racks. Long considered a standard in the Industry, this machine enables us to maintain consistent densitometric processing standards at production speeds from 5 to 40 feet per minute.

Contact Printing

All negatives are cleaned prior to printing with a Houston Fearless film cleaner utilizing Kodak Stickney technology. Frame printers are the UDS series from Electronic Photo Controls. These printers automatically compensate for unevenness of the negatives due to vignette, solar elevation/position or scene reflectance. Roll-to-roll film duplication is performed with a Kodak Niagara printer, capable of speeds of up to 100 feet per minute.

Scanning Services

RC&A has recently purchased a Leica DSW 700 scanner. The Leica scanner is state of the art and produces high quality scans at high output levels.

We use AGFA's AperTune software for dodging and tonal correction. It helps clarify images that are hazy and unclear due to atmospheric conditions.

Images can be delivered on CD, DVD or an external hard drive.

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